Farid Habib medical group

MedEg Trip

MedEg Trip is the result of Cooperation and partnership between experts in tourism marketing and promotion and the medical institutions of Farid Habib (Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Company, Farid Habib Hospital and Habib Scientific Office HSO)


Is the Egyptian market leader company of HCV treatment . The company factories are located at El Obour City with high quality production facilities following the highest International Quality Standards, with strong research and development administration as well as the latest analytical Instruments from the Quality Control Laboratory. The company has a GMP “ Good Manufacturing Practice “ Certificate as the best producer of the drug.

GMP certificate, Good Manufacturer practice PDF

Website: www.marcyrl.com

Farid Habib Hospital

Is one of the largest hospitals in Egypt and was opened in July 2014 and serves about one million citizens.

Accidents are received from 5 highways (Ismailia / Suez / Khanka / Ringroad / Belbeis) and the vision is to be the leading model of excellence in the field of integrated care for all different specialties in the medical care.

Website: http://farid-habib-hospital.com

Habib Scientific Office HSO

HSO is one of the leading pioneers in the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry with 50 years experience among the Egyptian market. Its the result of the cooperation of about 500 well-trained expertise in the field of pharmaceutical industry.

Website: www.hsoegypt.com

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Therapeutic programs

MedEg Trip has been established in order to promote many treatment programs that are successfully treated in Egypt, especially Hepatitis C and we’re offering an opportunity to benefit out of the success achieved

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Why consider MedEg Trip

Egypt is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But in the recent years, another kind of tourism is developing in the country, medical tourism. Medical tourism in Egypt offers for tourists, mostly Western, medical care at lower costs. Surgeons in Egypt undergo many years of intensive study and training to practice and in fact many surgeons are western trained. MedEg Trip works with some of the most experienced surgeons in Egypt and our hospital equipped with state of the art facilities and multilingual staff.