MedEg Trip

Therapeutic programs

MedEg Trip has been established in order to promote many treatment programs that are successfully treated in Egypt, especially Hepatitis C and we’re offering an opportunity to benefit out of the success achieved

Cooperation and partnership

MedEg Trip is the result of Cooperation and partnership between experts in tourism marketing and promotion and the medical institutions of Farid Habib (Marcyrl Pharmaceutical Company, Farid Habib Hospital, and Habib Scientific Office HSO)

Therapy Trip

We recognize the patient's condition prior to his arrival in Egypt and determine the treatment program at a much lower cost than in his home country. As well as a careful follow-up after the patient’s departure, until the complete recovery and end his suffering

Discover Egypt

Before and after the medical program you can enjoy the tourist attractions in Cairo or be pampered at one of the country’s spa resorts to help restore energy, stamina, and vitality before returning home feeling refreshed and renewed.

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Our Vision

The end of the therapy trip is the beginning of a new life

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MedEg Trip Integrated Medical services

MedEg Trip as a member of Farid Habib institutions provides integrated medical services through our Farid Habib Hospital and Marcyrl Pharmaceutical company the leader producer of HCV drugs in Egypt. It is a one-stop shop

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Egypt Integrated Medical Tourism

Today, Egypt appears to have all the ingredients of a medical tourism hub. Weather, proximity to Europe, affordable prices for both treatments and tourism attractions, a wide range of services at integrated medical centers

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